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25 September 2009 @ 12:50 pm
A little bit more about me...  
I'm currently 18, just turned. I attend a state community college in where I'm working to get my Bachelors in Computer Networking. I'm still a freshman though so I have a long ways to go. I am half Filipino and half White. And I'm into just about anything Kpop to Jrock, which means I listen to more Asian music than I do American songs. And with being into the Asian pop culture I love to learn their dances, knowing several popular ones already. So I'm very into learning dances, any dances really. I have participated in waltz before. Yeah. Another thing about the dancing is that I wish to record my self dancing. But I must slim my body down first before I'm able to show my body off to the world. Something like that.
Now, I'm into Anime and Manga, but recently I haven't been keeping myself update with it. But on occasions I do. I'm a Yaoi fan too. Of course. I love the smut. ^ ^v
Role-play. When I say this I don't mean like rpgs, although I do love playing them, but I mean a different kind. One where you play a role with someone else over aim or lj or msn and make out a story line or just plain out do a smut scene (*is guilty*) RP is an addictive habit that I just don't see myself falling out of anytime soon, since I'm still young. Besides, it did help me study once during class and kept me from falling asleep. *nods* So you can tell I really enjoy rp.
Fanfics...well. I haven't written anything in a long time, and really when I did, it was all fluff. So I'm thinking of posting my old works here and maybe some old rp logs as well... But as for anything new I don't think there will be many cause my writing muse died and it hasn't revived yet. ^^;;
Graphics-> On occasions I go on an icon making spree for like on of my rp muses and I just can't stop making icons. So I have a lot of bases that I've made and I'm planning on uploading them and posting them here in batches before I can start making any more icons.

And so thats it. Yeah. Unless you all have any questions. Then ask away.
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